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H.I.S. Gives Back

At Howard Industrial Sales, we're committed to helping the world become a better place. To that end, we've decided that we'll give a portion of our revenue to a charity we nominate each and every year.  Please check back here often and if you can, donate!

2020 Charity Of Choice

Sometimes a person comes into your life and changes you forever!  We had the privilege of sharing part of Colleen Meegan’s life.   She was such a special child.  Colleen taught us things that we didn’t even know we were missing.  We believe it was no accident that she crossed our path.  Her life was short lived, but her time here changed so many.  We would like to honor Colleen.  One group that was instrumental in her quality of life – Shriners Hospital.  If it were not for this group, we may never have had the opportunity to learn so much from this beautiful soul.  Shriners made it possible for us to share part of Colleen’s life.  We know that by honoring Colleen through Shriners, they will continue to reach other beautiful children like our Colleen.   


2023 Charity Of Choice

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