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Why H.I.S.

What about Howard Industrial Sales is special, different, and unique in the technology arena today?

At HIS, we believe in offering our customers an unparalleled level of customer service.
HIS keeps a constant line of communication open with our customers and manufacturers and has been able to show considerable growth and activity levels from lines we currently represent.

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Howard Industrial Sales Industrial Electronic Solutions

Our Mission

Provide our customers knowledgeable insight and present product options that are on the very forefront in the commercial and industrial technology arena. We want to be the link between valued customer and perfect partnership that provides the highest quality solution from manufacturers we know and trust to do the job right.

Core Values


Over 30 years experience in the industry providing solutions with the highest quality industrial communication and electronic products 


We believe the path to success of a project and relationship is crystal clear.  This means, setting accurate expectations and working relentlessly to meet or exceed them.


We know that in this fast-paced era, sometimes questions happen outside of Monday thru Friday.  When you work with H.I.S. we're there should the need arise.

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