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The Keppel Foundation

The Keppel Foundation is a local non-profit founded by Scott Keppel, owner of Scott’s Training Systems in Chandler, Arizona. The organization uses its resources to host events that bring the community together, while promoting awareness of cancer, obesity, domestic violence, pets and other important causes.

Our charity for 2023 is local to Arizona, which we love!  We chose The Keppel Foundation because we believe in what they stand for.  The four pillars of the Keppel Foundation are cancer, obesity, pet shelters, and domestic violence – all great causes that need help and attention.  Cancer claims more than 600,000 lives in the US alone, based on 2022 statistics.  Domestic violence will affect one in three men, women, and teens in their lifetime.  More than 60% of the US population is considered obese, and more than 80% of those will not get the recommended daily amount of exercise and proper nutrition.  And the last pillar, our furry friends!  The Keppel foundation aids in the awareness of these pillars and helps fundraising to fight the battle of these four areas that impact so many in our society today.  We want to thank Scott Keppel and all the staff and volunteers for fighting the good fight on all of these pillars, and we’ve chosen to help aid that fight!  Learn more about The Keppel Foundation and consider donating!


(480) 961-3846

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