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A very special thank you to our clients, partners, and families for their support over this 20 years!

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Your Commercial and Industrial Electronic
Partner Redefined.

Solutions, Service, and Knowledge for today's advancing industries

500,000+ Parts Available

Complete Technological Solutions

Solutions for Every Country on the Globe

Unsurpassed Technical & Ethical Standards

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What We Offer

As manufacturing representative for more than 20 years in the industrial electronic, automation & control, and asset management space, we pride ourselves on being able to take your products to market that you're not already in or deeper saturate the markets you are.

Why Choose H.I.S.


A point of pride at Howard Industrial Sales, is how all of the products or lines we choose to represent can benefit each other and provide an excellent opportunity for your and our clients to a "one-stop-shop."

Exceptional Knowledge Base

Howard Industrial Sales has been serving the commercial and industrial electronic, automation, and control industry for more than 20 years.  That knowledge as well as a direct tap to all of our available manufactures knowledge ensures that you're personal expertise, and a solution that works.

Only the Best Partners

We only represent firms or manufacturers that are the top in their field, and that have a proven track record that is on par with the level of service, quality, and support that we aim to give our clients.

Experienced Industry Partners

At Howard Industrial Sales we spend as much time vetting the partners we choose to represent as they do in choosing us.  We focus and build manufacturer relationships that are cohesive, synergistic, and possess an immense level of expertise in their field, so we can offer not only the best products, but the best product providers in the industry.

We serve many industries


"The team at Howard Industrial Sales is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They are a pleasure to work with! I appreciate that the company also cares! Check out their website and "HIS Gives Back" to see what charity they are supporting this year!"

Kristin G.

"I am very thankful to work with such amazing people at Howard Industrial Sales. They all have a very high level of intelligence, respectful, have great morality and are always a ton of fun to work with. Thank you Bruce, Karen and Kristen for your hard work. It is very much appreciated!!"

Elroy T. 

"I have had many interactions with the Howards and they are extremely efficient and responsive at all times. Would recommend working with them :)"

Alexis F. 

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Line-Up

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  • We're interested in you repping our products - How do we start?
    First, we're glad you're interesting in talking and we can't wait! We can do over the phone or set travel plans to meet with you and your team and discuss. Please reach out to us via phone at (480) 961-3846, submit a message here, or email us at We look forward to exploring posibilioties with you!
  • How do I write a BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. part number?
  • What is the difference between BFX and SFX truly endless belts listed in the catalog?
    The belts can be used interchangeably for most applications since they are rated for the same strength. SFX belts are cast-endless belts in gray-opaque polyurethane with a smooth or slightly ribbed back and are available only in specific fixed lengths. Heat-applied backings such as PU385 cannot be used with SFX belts and SFX delivery is longer than comparable stock BFX lengths.
  • I have an existing BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. belt and I need a replacement. How do I determine the belt pitch?
    There are many methods of determining the belt pitch. One convenient method is to compare the existing belt to the drawings located at the top of each belt page of the BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. B212 catalog. These drawings are 1:1 scale and can help quickly identify belt pitches. Note that a printed page from a downloaded version may be scaled slightly by the printing process.
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