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POW.........The Surge Is Real!

Surge protection is often overlooked. Electrical sockets are supposed to provide a consistent source of power (voltage). The devices you plug into your outlet are dependent on this consistent source of power. A power surge can occur anytime there is an increase in voltage. This can be caused by a lightning strike, a power malfunction, or a problem with the power grid. Are your electronic devices protected? The cause of the surge doesn't matter, what does matter is that the increase in current can damage your electrical devices. The surge could damage your devices so severely that they become completely inoperable. It's unfortunate that our electrical devices don't all come with built in surge suppression. Most times people will just buy a power strip with surge protection and use that to plug their devices into. Not all power strips include surge protection, so you will need to be sure that your power strip includes surge protection. Most times this will do the trick, most people plug the devices in and never think about it again. A surge protector makes sure only a safe amount of electricity gets through to your device. There are many types of surge protection. There's protection level for every application. It all comes down to one simple question, when should you use surge protection? The answer is simple, ALL of the time. Better to be safe than sorry. There is plenty of information

available to determine what type of surge suppression is best for your device.

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