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Pick up the phone!

Your products and service usually speak for themselves, but sometimes you too will need to contact the customer. You will need to decide if a quick phone call or an e-mail will do the trick. Today we have a variety of tools at our disposal, most people tend to rely on e-mail and phone communications for business.

Many would say that phone calls have declined with the advent of e mails. I don't believe that is true. I think e-mail is a nice supplement to the phone call. When introducing yourself to a prospective customer, a phone call is the best way to make a good first impression. It's important to remember that phone calls are the best way to deal with sensitive subject matter. When a situation needs clarity, a call is the way to go. If you

are trying to control the flow of a conversation, a call can't be beat.

E-mail has its place as well. Quite possibly the best use of E-mail is in instances when it will be beneficial to have a digital record of a specific conversation. An e-mail is a great way to spell out all of the details. Follow up is probably the second best use of e-mail, especially after meeting or speaking with a new prospect or customer. This tool allows you to continue dialogue with your customer and communicate your enthusiasm.

Both communication tools have a place in today's business environment. I think it's important to decide what you're end game is. Once you have determined your end game, you will know weather a call or an e-mail is the best medium for communication.

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