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Crippling Cold Calling

Nothing sends a shiver down a salespersons spine quite like having to make a COLD CALL! I am talking about a true cold call, not a warm call, and not a follow up on a sales lead call. I am talking a gut wrenching, sweat producing, and daunting task of picking up the phone and trying to sell goods or services to a complete stranger. The dreaded cold call rattles even the most seasoned salesperson. But folks, we know it's a necessary part of business. Yes, it's true that technology has taught us many ways to "open" doors, but nothing replaces the cold call. Don't fret, there is help out there. There are many experts in this field that have spent many years researching cold calling. There are many methods that have been proven to increase productivity and closing ratios. Once you begin to research this topic, you will see cold calling is very common, you are not the first one to blaze this trail. All you need to do is devote an hour a day to cold calling. You will be surprised at how quickly you adjust. I'm not saying you will learn to love it, but you will love the results it produces. Challenge yourself, I promise you won't be sorry.

Happy calling!

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